On Youth Access To Government Procurement Opportunities(YAGPO) and Uwezo Fund

During the Youth Enterprise Development Fund’s 5th Anniversary celebrations at the Bomas of Kenya, on the 7th of February 2012, former President H.E. Hon. Kibaki directed that that 10 per cent of all Government procurement be allocated to the youth.

The Ministry of Finance, in implementing this directive, launched an affirmative action program called the Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (YAGPO), based on the Public Procurement and Disposal (Preference and Reservations) Regulations, 2011, on 29th June, 2012, at the KICC.

YAGPO programme was the pre-cursor to the recently launched Sh 6 billion Uwezo Fund for Youth and Women.

On 18th June 2013, the Cabinet Secretary  to the National Treasury (Government of Kenya) gazetted Public Procurement Preference and Reservations(Amendment) Regulations 2013 to permit small or micro enterprises and youth to access government opportunities.

30 per cent of all Government procurement is now more accessible and by law dedicated to the Youth. Conservative estimates put this at KShs. 336 Billion annually!

Target Market by jscreationzs

Target Market by jscreationzs

To understand the depth, breadth and scope of the two funds, one can access their respective websites:

1. YAGPO Website

2. Uwezo Fund Website

Where can one Participate?

To have a panoramic view in terms of industry classification, you can have a look at a document we created called Sectoral Classification by Clicking HERE . This will further expand the scope in terms of seeing opportunities. As can be seen in the document, Youth and Women can participate in public procurement in the fields of:

  • Business Services
  • Communication Services
  • Construction and Related Engineering Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Educational Services (Primary, Secondary, Higher, Adult and Other Educational Services)
  • Environmental Services
  • Financial Services
  • Health Related & Social Services
  • Tourism and Travel Services
  • Recreational, Social and Sporting Services
  • Transport Services

The purpose of understanding how many opportunities exist in our economy will help in targeting your efforts from launching to getting established in the marketplace.

What the Government has done is impressive in giving us an added advantage. In time, the Company will have its own portfolio of services and hopefully transition into the mainstream as an entity free of its “youth-fullness.”

How Can One Participate?

The full instructions for accessing the Uwezo Fund can be found at http://www.uwezo.co.ke/en/resources.php

You can download the YAGPO application form for small enterprises and registration forms at the Resources/Downloads to the right of this website. They are to be submitted to the Public Procurement Directorate of the Ministry of Finance. It is my understanding that a YAGPO Certificate is issued thereafter and names will be published or circulated to Public Entities.

You can also make use of our Procurement Management service to access Public Tender Opportunities.

We enable businesses and people to obtain contract opportunities and to supply their goods and services in the East African Market. We provide Technical Assistance (TA) to  enable Individuals and Companies to do the following:

-  Identifying Industry-Specific Contract Opportunities

- Pre-qualifications, Expression of Interest and RFQs Submissions

- Employ us to help you Submit Tenders

- Make Offers on Contract Opportunities

- Processing of Claims and Technical Assistance in Resolving Procurement Disputes

- Contract for Services and Respond to Invitations To Bid (ITBs)

-Obtain Tender Notices, Addendums, Invitations and minutes of Pre-Bid Site Meetings

Role of PPOA

The Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) within its mandate ensures that all public entities implement this provision by including preference and reservation schemes in their procurement plans, tender advertisement notices and contract awards and subsequently reporting to PPOA on status of implementation.

There is absolutely no reason for Standing Idle In The Market. This is definitely the right time to access the said opportunities. The ball is now in our court!

-Qs. Nahinga David

About the author

ujenzibora Qs.Nahinga is a Registered Quantity Surveyor practicing in Kenya. He is a member of IQSK and a director at UjenziBora Investment Ltd. We seek to provide Real Estate Solutions and Create Enduring Value in the lives of people and society. Follow Live Updates at #HousingKe


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